Slideshow: Selected Figure Drawings
works by artist Janice Zbiciak Brummett

A great fan of the human figure and the medium of drawing itself, these selected works reflect a love of the subject matter, as well as of the process. All drawings are created on a very large scale, life size or larger. Each has been executed as an enormous in-studio sketch, done while the artist actively responds to the model and surrounding environment. Oversized drawing paper is the preferred material along with a variety of graphites, charcoals and pastels.

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From a series of photographs entitled “Rounders” done in northern California in 2006, this particular image is partnered with text to form a written word piece.

The Vastness
Confrontations with mortality require the examination of one’s view on spiritualism. Digital images and the written word address the artist’s view in 2006-2007.

From a series of photographs done in northern California in 2006, this particular image is partnered with other manipulated web images and text to form a written word piece.

Time Fragments: A Crack in the Universe
Artist Jan Zbiciak Brummett
My dreams have been taking me to a place where I care not to be just yet.
The shadows, the shades and the temperatures have begun a quiet, stealthy haunt.

To return to the site of true contradiction; it was after all, where I first learned to speak to the vastness and to know the difference between a live tree and a dead skyscraper। To be surrounded by such sacrosanct life and at the same time to be forced to live among the veritable walking dead was the life changing experience in its' entirety। For some very good reason, it happened to me.
To be there and to have lived there was indeed the opportunity to have a limited access to a crack in the universe.